May 18-19, 2012 at the University of Central Florida

Illuminating the Future of Science

Our Logo

The official logo of the 2012 Science Olympiad National Tournament was designed to capture the beauty of Florida, the innovation of the space program and the spirit of Science Olympiad.  Designed to emulate a Space Shuttle mission patch, the logo pays homage to 28 years of Science Olympiad, and 30 years of human spaceflight aboard the Space Shuttle.  Look closely at our logo and you will find elements of many of the Science Olympiad events.  Can you figure out which ones we honor?

Our University

The University of Central Florida formed in 1963 as Florida Technological University with the goal to provide an educated workforce for the rapidly growing Kennedy Space Center. It is now the 2nd largest university in the United States with over 58,000 students, 225 degree options and has nearly $150 million is research grants each year.

Our State

Florida is the state from which the nation’s space program launched the first men to the moon, built the international space station, and launched the Space Shuttle for 30 years. The beaches of Florida and the attractions of Florida attract millions of visitors each year. Florida Facts:

  • Fourth largest state with over 18,000,000 residents.
  • Longest coastline in continental U.S. encompassing 1350 miles.
  • The highest point in Florida – 345 feet – at Britton Hill in the panhandle.
  • Orlando’s average temperatures in May? High of 88° F and low of 66° F.
  • May is the 5th rainiest month of the year.
  • St. Augustine is the oldest incorporated city in the United States.
  • Florida produces about 75% of the U.S. oranges.
  • Florida accounts for about 40% of the world’s orange juice supply.
  • Florida is home to the only space launch site in the world open to the public.