May 18-19, 2012 at the University of Central Florida

On Campus Tours and Exhibits

In addition to the field trips offered to off-campus locations, many campus sites will be open for tours. 

UCF  Robinson Observatory – Will be open to visitors May 16 and 17 from 9 to 10:30 pm, with May 18 being the backup day if either of the other two days are cloudy.

CREOL (Center for Research in Education in Optics and Lasers)    45 minute tours on May 18 at   9:30, 10:45, 12:00, 1:15, and 2:45 Limited to 90 people at one time.  Sign up in the Student Union.

UCF Arboretum –  Friday May 18 There will be two tours on Friday. 9 AM and 12 Noon.  There is a $1 per hour donation fee.  Sign up in the Student Union. Limited to 22 guests for each tour. Additional tours for Wednesday or Thursday can be booked directly through their office. 

FutureLab (the Innovation Expo) –  May 17 and 18 in the Pegasus Ballrrom, Student Union All Day. FutureLab is a unique traveling expo on science and technology that visits cities across the country. FutureLab is a celebration of innovation, today and what may come in the future. The 2011 FutureLab interactive exhibition features six pavilions: Visualization, Augumente Reality, Virtual Reality, Energy Technology, Nanotechnology, Human Genome and Robotics.

NASA –  Friday May 18 Student Union

United States Army  Friday, May 18 and Saturday May 19, From 9 AM – 4PM in Parking Lot D2     The US Army ROTC will bring its Army Adventure Semi, a 60 Ft Tractor/Trailer with the following Exhibits and Simulators: 3x Touch Screen Computers w/ Internet Access and CNAV capabilities; 2x Immersa Domes w/ 3x Flight Scenarios – AH64/OH58 Helicopter Flight Simulators; Unmanned Aerial System Flight Simulator; Discovery Educational Videos Pack and Army-Branded/MOS Videos;  Air Warrior Display; Missile/Rocket Display

United States Airforce –  Friday May 18 and Saturday May 19, From 9 AM-4PM in Parking Lot D2     The US Air Force will bring Command Center Alpha, an augmented reality experience that immerses visitors in the ³Sci-Fi² world of the United States Air Force. Visitors explore areas of Air Force expertise via 3D computer graphics, videos, audio, and digital downloads. Along the way they discover the many roles the Air Force plays in today¹s military as well as several of the career opportunities they can pursue. HIGHLIGHTS  – This experience is a real crowd pleaser with a custom built inflatable canopy that looks like a real hanger, a 53 foot trailer filled with a host of immersive activities and a real life F-16 jet visitors can check out. Each visitor is given a handheld device where they can experience all of the amazing things the Air Force does through the cutting edge technology of Augmented Reality. Visitors are also able to download unique content in the form of wallpapers, videos and ringtones to their cell phones or email Command Center Alpha offers a rich educational experience in an immersive, high tech and cutting edge way.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  Friday May 18 Student Union

Seaworld – Friday May 18  Student Union

Kennedy Space Center – Friday May 18 Student Union

VWR Education/Science Kit – Friday May 18  Student Union

Army ROTC – Friday May 18 Student Union