The dormitory rooms used at UCF are located in the Libra Community.  There are two choices:

All teams will be placed together. No students from different teams will share a room, but they may share a common spaces. Rooms open into a shared common space within a suite.  Adults will be placed in rooms separate from students.  However at least one adult from the team must reside in the dorm community.  UCF Staff is not present to chaperone students. 


When selecting your choices, chose either NO LINENS or LINENS, and then select the number of participant beds needed for each night(For example, if you are staying May 17-May 20 and will want linens for 15 students and one chaperone, you will add May 17, May 18, and May 19 to the PayPal Cart for both the Student Bed and Adult Bed choices.) You will need to select both the STUDENT PARTICIPANTS and the ADULT rooms needed.


Additional Visitors beyond the 15 on your team: If you have an additional number of visitors, you an add on additional beds on the final choice below. The dropdown menu is for the number of visitors PER NIGHT. If you are staying 3 nights, when you go to PayPal to pay, make sure you change the Quanity to 3. (Or the number of nights you will need the additional visitors to stay in the dorm along with your team.)