May 18-19, 2012 at the University of Central Florida

Team Numbers and State Progression to Nationals

The University of Central Florida will host 60 teams in each division plus a Science Olympiad Ambassador HS Team from Japan. The Opening and Award Ceremonies will be at the UCF Arena. All state directors are asked to invite their first place state winner in each division to the National Tournament. Currently there are about 48 states hosting tournaments, so approximately 12-13 states with larger membership totals by division will be asked to invite their second place team. If there are two teams from your state, the 1st place team will use the lower number below. The following are the official team number designations for the 2012 National Tournament

B-Team Numbers
C-Team Numbers
CA B1/B2 NY C1/C2
MI B3/B4 CA C3/C4
NC B5/B6 NC C5/C6
NY B7/B8 MI C7/C8
IL B9/B10 PA C9/C10
OH B11/12 IL C11/C12
PA B13/B14 OH C13/C14
TX B15/B16 GA C15/C16
MO B17/B18 MO C17/C18
GA B19/B20 TX C19/C20
FL B21/B22 IN C21/C22
AL B23/B24 FL C23/C24
IN B25/B26 WA C25/C60
CO B27 KS C26
NM B28 MN C27
ND B29 NJ C28
KS B30 WI C29
WA B31 ND C30
NJ B32 DE C31
DE B33 KY C32
TN B34 AL C33
WI B35 TN C34
KY B36 CO C35
VA B37 VA C36
MT B38 NM C37
MD B39 MA C38
NE B40 NE C39
UT B41 AZ C40
AZ B42 MT C41
HI B43 HI C42
MA B44 RI C43
MN B45 UT C44
MS B46 MD C45
AK B47 CT C46
ID B48 LA C47
LA B49 MS C48
RI B50 ME C49
CT B51 ID C50
SC B52 NH C51
NV B53 SC C52
OR B54 NV C53
IA B55 OR C54
SD B56 WY C55
WY B57 AK C56
AR B58 SD C57
OK B59 IA C58
ME B60 AR C59